Thursday, November 13, 2008

Satina le Colours::~

Beautiful soft and flowy piece::~

Quality and shiny satin makes it oh-so-classy::~
~::The Back View::~

Wear it!
~::Ribbon Tie Front::~

Wear it!
~::With a Shimmery Clincher::~

Wear it!

Wear it!
Wear it!
Clinched with a low belt::~
~::As a Tube Top::~

Wear it!
~::As a Toga Top::~

Wear it!
~::As a High Waisted Skirt::~

Comes in
Mermaid Blue::~
Coral Pink::~
Sunset Orange::~
Pier Purple::~

Bust :: 11.5 inches / 29cm
Waist :: 10.5 inches / 27cm
Hip :: 14 inches / 36cm
Length :: 29.5 / 75cm

Price :: RM55

Subtle Classy::~ The KeyHole Dress::~

This piece was so subtle::~
With its various gray hues::~
and so classy::~
With its perfect cutting::~
The ideal dress for all body shapes::~The best part::~
Besides the smartly printed lines
to create an illusion of
a leaner & toner body outline::~ ~::The pleated bust area::~
Which provides a structured part for the dress::~
Making it look casual yet formal at the same time::~Feeling Beach-y~?
Put on your white bikini::~
Wear it!
~::As a Beach Skirt::~
Guarantee you'll have the best beach skirt on the shore::~

Comes in::~
Design Alpha
Design Beta

Bust :: 11.5 inches / 29cm
Waist :: 11 inches / 28cm
Hip :: 12.5 inches / 32cm
Length :: 24 inches / 62cm

Price :: RM50


Show off your well toned cleavage with this sexy number::~
Wear it!
Like Eva Longoria~!!!
Comes in::~
Black Diamond Sparkel

Bust :: 14 inches / 36cm
Waist :: 13 inches / 33cm
Hip :: 14 inches / 36cm
Length (as worn by mannequin) :: 24 inches / 61cm

Price :: RM67

Deep -V Butterfly::~

Now this is a magnificent piece to bare it all::~
Or wear a tube/bikini with::~
Hugs your appropriate curves::~

And adds a feminine hint of butterfly sparkle to it::~
Comes in::~
Mystique Butterfly Black

Bust :: 12.5 inches / 32cm
Waist :: 12 inches / 31cm
Length :: 14 inches / 36cm
(Length is from shoulder till the end)

Price :: RM25

PRE-ORDER :: Chanel's creation::~

This mod dress doesn't need an introduction::~
If you're keeping up with the current trends::~
You should have one of this already::~
If you haven't::~
Grab yours now~!!!
Only for RM50:~

*Note: This is a PRE-ORDER piece*
Kindly email us your details prior to the arrival of the dresses::~
Which will arrive at the end of November 2008::~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We're sorry to announce that Souled To Fashion is currently unavailable and we regret any inconvenience caused during our absence. We'll be back soon, IN EARLY NOVEMBER, and we'll keep you posted!!

Email us during any emergencies! (:



we know you love shopping. ;)
stay shopaholics, babes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perfect for Petites~!!!

Hi Darlings::~
We introduce you to the all gorgeous::~
All amazing::~
All breath-taking::~
Perfectly tailored for petites~!!!
Happy shopping, girls~
P.s. Many thanks to the Lovely Kisssss and Tell owner~!!!
We love you~
& you know why~!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tantalizing Dress::~

Vibrant prints of flowers::~
On a flowy dress::~
We say,

Wear it as a tube for a more casual "beach" look::~

Wear it as a toga for a more edgy look:~

Wear it as a high-waisted-skirt~!!!
Shown worn with::~
Purple Trendy "It" Top selling @ RM39::~
Black Hook Clincher selling @ RM25::~

Colour :: Purple - SOLD , Yellow - SOLD and Green - Available::~
Price :: RM52

The "In-trend" Top::~

Like this Marciano Stone-Bead inspired top~??

We present you::~
The "In-trend" Top::~
Sooo versatile~!!!
As a halter::~
As a toga::~
Gorgeous Tube::~
*Gorgeous Toga::~
& even as a skirt~!!!

Yours at RM39~
Available in four amazing shades::~
Dark Turqoise::~(AVAILABLE)
Sexy Purple::~ (SOLD)
Glamourous Gold::~(SOLD)
Classic Black::~ (SOLD)

Corsette du Satin::~

Beautiful corset piece::~
Magnificent cutting::~
Comes with a satin stash too~!!!
Wear it with a bulkier clincher for a more casual look::~ White Hook Clincher selling @ RM25
Wear it with a shimmery clincher for a more elegant look::~Wear it with the stash low for a different cut::~

Black Hook Clincher selling @ RM25
Wear it with a chiffon skirt for sweet look::~
White Dancer's Pride Chiffon Skirt selling @ RM37::~
Wear it as a skirt~!!!
So versatile~!!!
Shown worn with::~
Black Trendy "It" Top selling @ RM39::~

Colours :: Posh White & Demure Violet
Price :: RM41

Ros Ribben eu Satin::~

Plunge in with our feminine yet seductive Ros Ribben eu Satin::~
Wear it as a top::~
Or as a flowy skirt~!!!

So versatile~!!!

Colours :: Rosy Pink & Posh Black
Price :: RM35

As a top::~
Wear it with our Dancer's Pride Skirt selling @ RM37::~

As a skirt::~
Wear it with our::~
White Hook Clincher selling @ RM25
Lacy Satine Top selling @ RM32
Pink Butterfly Clincher selling @ RM30